Old Brooklyn Lantern

Learn More About The As Seen On TV Old Style Modern Lantern!

Olde Brooklyn Lantern Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about the Olde Brooklyn Lantern? Check out the FAQ page on the Olde Brooklyn Lantern Official Site to learn more about the product and about the ordering process!


5 thoughts on “Olde Brooklyn Lantern Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes I orded one of your Lamps and are excited about getting it what is the status of order

  2. It also could not hurt to make it waterproof, and say so in adverts……

  3. does is also have an on/off switch?


  4. A Question: We received a couple of Olde Brooklyn Lanterns in the mail, but we do not know who sent them to us. It could have a birthday gift, but there was no paperwork with the lanterns.
    There was an identification number however and it is #25666304. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  5. I love them! Using for my daughters wedding ceremony at “twilight.”
    Great Service and lovely product. Kudos!

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