Old Brooklyn Lantern

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Don’t Get Stuck In Hurricane Sandy / Frankenstorm Without The Old Brooklyn Lantern!

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Hurricane Sandy is making its way to the US and is looking to be an extreme storm.  The North East is also preparing for a major “Frankenstorm” that meteorologists are expecting to be very severe. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern is a product that is perfect for times like these when the potential for power to go out is high.  This battery operated As Seen On TV lantern uses LED technology to light the room much better than any flashlight or candle.  Read this customer testimonial who was very thankful to have the Olde Brooklyn Lantern on hand during Hurricane Issac:

“I ordered two of these lanterns and they arrived just about a week before Hurricane Isaac hit the New Orleans area! I have to tell you that without these lanterns our lives would have been VERY different because we were without power for over 5 days! These lanterns were LIFE SAVERS —- I have my 95-year old mother-in-law living with us and I felt VERY safe with leaving these in her room and bathroom so she could see well enough to get around on her own and I didn’t have to worry about possible fires from candles or other dangerous lanterns! THANK YOU!!!” – Toni B. – Louisiana

Prepare yourself for storms like these in the future by having Olde Brooklyn Lanterns in and around your house.  You can order from OldeBrooklynLantern.com.  If you would like to pick one up in the next few days, you can purchase a lantern from many major retails across the country including:   Bed Bath and Beyond, Boscov’s, CVS, Dr. Leonards, Kohls, Target, Walgreens, Walmart


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