Old Brooklyn Lantern

Learn More About The As Seen On TV Old Style Modern Lantern!

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Holiday Gift Guide – Old Brooklyn Lantern

A Mom’s Take Blog has written an Old Brooklyn Lantern review and has added it to her Holiday Gift Guide ideas!  She says it’s a great way to enjoy the look of an old lantern without the safety hazards.  And with just 2 D batteries, you will have a bright LED lantern that you can carry anywhere! Read the whole Holiday Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review on A Mom’s Take here!


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Happy Thanksgiving from Old Brooklyn Lantern!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Olde Brooklyn Lantern! We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday with delicious food! 🙂

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Old Brooklyn Lantern Review on ABC 13 News WVEC


The Old Brooklyn Lantern was tested in a recent WVEC ABC 13 News’ “Does It Work Segment.”  The tester was a local mother of three and a girl scout volunteer.  She though that the Old Brooklyn Lantern did a great job! She loved that it was lightweight and safe and easy for her kids to use.   The tester said she would add this As Seen On TV olde lantern to her camping gear and her hurricane supply kit.  Watch the whole Old Brooklyn Lantern review segment on the WVEC website here.

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Crafts-Things Reviews & Giveaways Old Lantern Review!

Crafts-Things Reviews & Giveaways blog has added the As Seen On TV Old Brooklyn Lantern to their Holiday Gift Guide for 2012! They said that the Olde Brooklyn Lantern was a great product and so much better than any flashlight.  They said that the old style lantern also lit up their whole living room!  Craft-Things wrote up a review and is also hosting a giveaway with it.  Go to the blog website here to read what else they had to say about this as seen on tv lantern and to enter for your chance to win your own Old Brooklyn Lantern!


As Seen On TV Old Lantern Review & Giveaway!

Linkie’s Contest Blog is hosting a giveaway of the As Seen On TV Olde Brooklyn Lantern! Linkie reviewed the lantern saying that it is a GREAT idea, affordable and puts out large amount of light. Read the rest of the review and enter for your chance to win one of these old style LED lanterns here!

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The Gadgeteer Old Brooklyn Lantern Review

The Gadgeteer has given a positive review of the Old Brooklyn Lantern!  Calling it a ‘new-fangled, old-timey lantern,’ The Gadgeteer discusses the benefits of this modern style lantern.  Check out the Old Brookyln Lantern review on TheGadgeteer.com!

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NBC Local 15 – Olde Brooklyn Lantern Is A Deal!

NBC Local 15 News featured the Old Brooklyn Lantern in a “Deal Or Dud” segment.  They brought in tester Richard Tanner from “Mr. Electric” who explained what an LED light is, and demonstrated the illumination of the Old Brooklyn Lantern.  He said the As Seen On TV lantern was perfect for lighting a room and was much better than the old fuel type lanterns.  Tanner and NBC 15 rated the Old Brooklyn Lantern a deal! Go to the Local 15 News website to watch the whole Old Brooklyn Lantern review here.