Old Brooklyn Lantern

Learn More About The As Seen On TV Old Style Modern Lantern!

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As Seen On TV Highlighted On ABC 7 Chicago

Telebrands CEO Aj Khubani appeared on ABC 7 News Chicago where he highlighted some of Telebrands’ Top TV products right now.  The segment noted that the company is celebrating its 30th year in the As Seen On TV industry.  Khubani showed the hosts the Flip Jack pancake pan by OrGreenic, the expanding Pocket Hose, Edge Of Glory knife sharpener, Rabbit TV USB internet television device, and the Olde Brooklyn Lantern! Check out the segment here!


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Telebrands Products Featured On “Home & Family”

tv lantern


AJ Khubani, CEO of the As Seen On TV company Telebrands was recently featured on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” show.  He brought on a variety of his TV products, including one of the biggest hits of the year, the Olde Brooklyn Lantern! AJ also showed how to use the new OrGreenic Flip Jack pancake maker, Sticky Buddy lint roller, Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener, and the Pocket Hose expandable water hose. Watch the video of the whole segment here!


‘Night Helper’ Blog – Olde Brooklyn Lantern Review & Giveaway!

The ‘Night Helper’ blog has reviewed the As Seen On TV Olde Brooklyn Lantern.  The blogger said that the lantern is perfect for camping, dining outside, sleepovers, or reading in bed.  She also said that her family loves having it on hand, and thinks it will be a great thing to have in case the power goes out.  Read the whole Olde Brooklyn Lantern review on the Night Helper blog or go to the Official Olde Brooklyn Lantern site to find out how to order one for yourself today!


Olde Brooklyn Lantern Commercial

Have you seen the Olde Brooklyn Lantern commercial? Watch above and check out the Olde Brooklyn Lantern Youtube page here!